As a result, the 2009 Detroit Auto Show, Chrysler brought a named Chrysler 200C hybrid car, the car is based on the same brands flagship car Chrysler 300 build, has a different from the traditional American style elegant appearance, But also joined the elements of the sports coupe can be said that this was the US Department of mid-level car is the value of the representative of the color. In 2010, Chrysler to determine the use of "200" for this new mid-size car name, instead of the previous Sebring became the brands mid-size sedan, in October the same year the market. Although still using Sebring production platform, but the entire car from the inside to the outside have been greatly improved, the Chrysler 200 passat 1.8 turbocharger retains the original 2.4L engine, but also equipped with the brands latest 3.6L V6 engine. The cars attention can be seen. Of course, the choice for the mid-size car brand revival, which is a very direct approach. Mid-size car is a very important sub-type of the US auto market, each with billions of dollars in market demand, it can be said in the mid-size car area of the Japanese Department of a large degree of recognition, Toyota Camry, fit subaru impreza turbocharger Honda Accord are this level Of sales evergreens. Therefore, after the reorganization of Chrysler, of course, will not miss this important market. Chrysler 200 launch is undoubtedly a success. In 2011, Chrysler spent heavily for the car to get the Super Bowl game up to two minutes of advertising, together with the singer Eminem debut, to a "derived from Detroit" strong words for the presence of Chrysler brush. megane dci turbocharger This time, the Chrysler 200 sales in the year reached 87,099 units, to 125,476 units in 2012. In 2014, Bloomberg reported in a survey, since the bankruptcy reorganization, the Chrysler 200 has brought the group for 48 consecutive months of sales.